Friday, August 20, 2010

A name from two great Rinpoches

Believe it or not I had a very pleasant and gratifying day which ought to go down my memory lane as something not easily forgettable. Yet to get hold of a job, I am blessed with a cute daughter who is already fifty five days old. I moved with my family to Phuentsholing to escape the bitter cold at Thimphu. Amidst our stay here, the news of H.H.Namkhai Ningpo`s visit to Phuentsholing excited us all. After all my daughter`s first blessing on being welcomed to this wonderful kingdom is going to be from this great lama, who was one of the eight revered disciples of Guru Rinpoche. 

Dressed in our best attire, we set off to meet the great lama. On reaching the spot, we managed to inch our way near where the lama sat. Here sat a down to earth, simple and pious looking saint in a simple monk robs. We offered our khadhar and Rimpoche in turn blessed us with the same scarf which he put gently around our neck. My request for a name for my daughter was accepted with a calm and serene look on my daughter from his holiness. After a momentary pause of meditation came the much revered voice ‘UGYEN CHOEDEN’. Later on a KAGO wang was initiated by Rinpoche to the devotees gathered around.
Ugyen Choeden
Enriched with blessings and level of happiness running higher than ever within us, as father and mother joined by our daughter Ugyen Choeden, also accompanied by her grandfather and grandmother, we left for our house
The evening atmosphere in the house was full of laughter and gaiety. The center of attraction being our daughter Ugyen Choeden and very well deserved too for she is the only child in the family. Taking a few minutes off from the gathered group, my wife had ringed to her mother who had gone to Rangjung, Tashigang to receive religious initiations from H.H.Dungtsel Rimpoche. She came dashing towards me and had this to say “Rinpoche over there had blessed the same name, UGYEN CHOEDEN to our daughter today”. Hardly able to believe I checked back and the voice of my mother-in-law echoed-yes! UGYEN CHOEDEN- we have the handwritten slip gifted by the great lama. Well this is life, now I have an episode to narrate as she grows up. Thank you my two great lamas for making us all happy. Keep up the good work of making sentient beings happy.

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