Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Journey Of My Ambition

As a grade-schooler I vividly remember my class teacher asking me my ambition. I would poster my self ridiculously and then with a haughty voice I would say “when I grow up, I want to be an Army officer because I want to kill my enemy”. Now as I lay relax in my living room, it looks so obvious for child when he sees his father in the glamorous outfit with three stars and a belt worn around the waist to support the pistol, would naturally idolize his dad. I would spend most of my time contemplating when ever the Armies were on parade. I decided I would be a soldier.

After I left my grade school, I went to a boarding school in Trongsa. Life at boarding school taught me the hardship of life. Poor qualities of meal, disturbed slumber with hunger, home sick, washing stuffs etc.made me susceptible to diseases. I would admiringly watch those students who had their relative as a teacher. I dreamt of my comfortable life if I had my uncle or aunty there as a teacher. The next day I decided I would be a teacher and render my help to those of my relatives who would come to a boarding school
A teacher in the service of students
Now having done my common exam with splendid marks, I went to Jigme Sherubling High School. The school was very much reputed and as such we had students from all walks of life. There I met my friend Lekden. His father was a PFO in Khangma. So it was customary on his father’s part to pay visit with pack lunch every now and then. I would admiringly watch his father driving enticing land cruiser. Then I decided I would study hard, take up science and become a PFO.

After having done my class ten exam, there was long winter break. To do away with my monotonous break I decided to take up a temporary job in a company. The environment was completely new with fear among the employees as and when the general manager made his entry in the office. I thought I should be like him. As a very inquisitive boy I discovered that he was a commerce student before and I decided I would take up commerce and become a manager in a company.

Class ten results were declared and I opted for commerce, with the dream still alive to be a manager I strived very well and made it to Sherubtse. It was there I met my uncle; he was a planning officer in Trashigang. He was proud because he made it through RCSC exam and I could see the self respectful look in his eye. I wanted to be proud like him. I decided I will appear RCSC and become a planning officer.
The Civil Servants in the making
After graduating, I prepared well for my RCSC exam and got through. After a year long training in RIM, I was placed in one of the Government Agency. Today, though I am not a planning officer, I am a content civil servant and as I reflect back, with a smile on my face I just say to my self “Now I won’t quack like a duck….I will soar like an eagle”.

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